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Crossbow DRTV provides the following services internationally for non-profit and commercial organisations:

Project management:

  • Ongoing strategy development
  • DRTV advertisement production: creative concept development and copywriting; production company selection; pre-production, production and post-production supervison
  • Selection of a media agency and buying media for a campaign
  • Deal making with TV stations
  • Selection, set-up and management of call centre for inbound telephone and sms response
  • Set up of online response
  • Analysis of results and regular media finessing
  • Profiling of respondees

consulting to optimise ROI/cost per sale:

  • Assessment of current programme, suppliers and results, including data analysis
  • Improvement recommendations
  • Ongoing consulting to monitor improvements

running training workshops:

  • DRTV strategy
  • Producing DRTV advertisements
  • Buying DRTV media and deal making with TV stations
  • Handling response from DRTV campaigns – telephone, sms and online
  • Analysing results

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